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T-Link is a great tool for Terex Cranes customers.

Do you know T-Link? This system operates on 3G/UMTS networks that use cellular and global positioning satellite technologies to connect you to your machine in the field.
Your machine's components and software collect data and transmit it to the dedicated cloud. That is, the data center stores all of this data over the life of the equipment, allowing you to view it from your computer, phone, and tablet when you need it.

T-Link Como funciona

What are your advantages?

  • Cost savings and increased productivity
  • Proper technical assistance in case of unexpected events.
  • Technical maintenance can be scheduled more efficiently.
  • A more flexible approach to warranty
  • Improved machine management.

Data, statistics and others.

T-Link also helps the owner get critical vehicle data and statistics. Optimizing optimal maintenance, service planning and enabling better cost management, which is a plus, beyond what RT telematics can provide to the customer.

Dados, estatísticas e outros

What can I see on T-Link?

With T-link you can also monitor the area in which the specific machine is working and, if necessary, define a virtual perimeter (geographic fences) around the machines.

If your machine traverses the geofence, the system will trigger an alert notification sent to the owner via email. Thus, ensuring more security for you!

O que é possível visualizar no T-Link?