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How long have you known Terex cranes / cranes and how long have you been working using our equipment?
I had my first contact with Terex cranes in 2007 and have been using the equipment ever since.


In your opinion, what are the advantages of working with Terex cranes?
The advantages of working with Terex cranes are:

  • Proximity of the manufacturer to the customer;
  • Quality of services provided after sales;


What are the differentials of the after-sales services offered by Terex compared to other brands?

  • Availability of specialists to answer technical questions;
  • 24/7 technical support;
  • Variety of courses offered through Terex University.


What are the expectations for new OEC projects in 2021?
We believe that covid-19 paralyzed several projects last year. This accumulation of projects should be transferred to 2021, in addition to the expected resumption. The profile of these new projects is short-lived, the vast majority coming from the private sector, with an emphasis on opportunities in the clean energy and sanitation segments.

Antonio Henrique Silva de Miranda
Commercial Manager OEC

1) Name of the interviewee: Camilo José da Silva Filho

2) Function developed in his company: Engineer specialized in lifting and transporting special loads.

3) How long have you known Terex Cranes and how long have you been using our equipment? I have been working with Terex cranes since the mid 90's.

4) In his opinion, what are the advantages of working with Terex cranes? They are “state of the art” equipment, designed with a focus on the customer: I explain, they are reliable equipment, operationally simple and easy to maintain.

5) What are the differences in the after-sales services that Terex offers compared to other brands? Quick service, with trained technical personnel and agility in spare parts. 

Eng. Camilo Filho
Specialist in Lifting and Transportation of Special Loads

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